In the logical world of B2B technology, stories can transform the way you sell your solutions. Most buyers are used to the logical arguments: they’ll save money, they’ll be more efficient, they’ll go home early. In fact, it’s practically a requirement when you’re selling B2B technology to include references to increased productivity and decreased costs.

What they don’t tell you is that a story can be worth much more than a logical argument. In addition to publishing white papers, providing data sheets, and populating your site with well-written copy, you also need to include case studies in your marketing mix. Case studies tell those critical stories of how a company with a similar challenge got from Point A, total confusion, to Point B, harmonious operations. They illustrate – not tell, but illustrate – how your solution actually made it possible for their company to increase their profits and operate more efficiently.

It’s one thing to talk about how amazing the solution is. It’s worth a lot more to have a customer who is immensely satisfied singing your praises and offering advice to companies in similar situations. In fact, your prospects may discover that you can help them with a problem they didn’t even know existed, just from the way a case study tells another customer’s story.

The bottom line is that, whether you’re selling systems integration, cloud applications, or software for a specific vertical, prospects want to know that you can solve whatever ails them. If you tell them a story of a company with a similar conundrum and show them how you solved it, you’re that much farther ahead of the pack.