According to, 77% of people search for information on branded products by going online.  Seventy-seven percent of people are firing up their computers and searching for answers by reading information provided on the Internet.  Of those, 20% start with the brand’s website because they believe the site will have the most complete and reliable information.

Does your website have the most complete and reliable information on your brand? If someone is researching your company’s products and services, can they easily find the information they need to make an informed decision?

Take a good look at your site.  If your products and services aren’t clearly explained, the potential customer may go elsewhere for information – and may choose a competitor’s product.  The copy on your website, more than the flashy graphics, are what keep potential customers interested.  If it’s not well-written, if it doesn’t clearly explain the benefit to the customer, you’ve already lost a sale.  Keep customers engaged with clear prose that provides information to the customer, and make sure it is complete and reliable.  Update your website periodically to reflect product or service changes.

Above all, make sure your website is well-written.  The copy on your website reflects your business, and it should be as interesting, clear, and beneficial as the products and services you provide.