You’ll have to forgive me for another comparison to something kid-related (the first one being What Cake Pops Can Teach You About Content Marketing). 
Content marketing may not seem like a piece of cake. After all, it requires patience, thoroughness, and time management skills. But like a children’s birthday party, it’s possible to really enjoy your company’s content marketing efforts, if you know what to do.   


Identify your audience. A party full of little girls may gravitate toward a fairytale theme; little boys will most likely prefer something with dinosaurs. Unisex parties need activities that both genders will enjoy that’s also age-appropriate. It’s the same with content marketing – identify who the ideal reader is of your white paper or case study and what the biggest problems are that he or she is facing. Go beyond simple demographics, like job title and industry, and dig deeper. Is the reader male or female? What is her temperament like? Create a persona, name the persona, and have your content written to address her problems.

Focus your efforts. Ever tried to herd a group of four- and five-year-olds into party activities? They’re excited to be at the party and want to get to the good stuff: cake and ice cream. Your prospects want to get to the good stuff, too – how to solve their problems. Focus on those problems, and make sure that the description of your solutions aligns with them.

Be prepared for the next part of the process. At a kid’s party, you need to have the next activity or piece of entertainment ready to go, whether it’s pizza after half an hour of free play at the venue or the clown making balloons after lunch. Same thing with your case studies and white papers: have the next logical item available as soon as possible. For a case study, that means having another case study waiting in the wings for release. For a white paper, that means being ready to field calls from interested prospects or making calls to warm leads who have downloaded the white paper.

Know that there will be dawdling. No matter how great the party or content is, there will always be someone reluctant to join in the fun (or act on your solution). Be ready to show your prospect over the phone or with a demonstration how you can solve their very specific problem.

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