B2B technology companies have a lot of options when marketing directors are looking for freelance copywriters. But the right writer for case studies, white papers, or contributed articles isn’t just an intelligent English major who writes poetry on the side. She has three essential pieces of her background and personality that make your content – and therefore, your product – truly irresistible to your customers.

1.       Tech-saviness. While a writing background is essential, your white paper writer or case study writer needs to know enterprise technology. The ideal B2B technology copywriter specializes in enterprise technology and is a curious person who wants to learn more. Even better, she can translate complex concepts into language that your customers understand – not dumbing it down, but explaining the benefits in a way that resonates.

2.       Storytelling chops. Former journalists are ideal case study writers and contributed article writers because they know what makes a story – and even better, can draw out an interviewee. Your company may have a customer who has reaped huge benefits from your cloud-based solution, but the customer may be reticent over the phone. A good B2B technology copywriter has the journalism-based chops to ask the right questions, dig for examples, and get the hard numbers.

3.       A sense of humor. While a joke about New England weather, tripping on a sidewalk crack during a run, or what’s hiding in the nebulous cloud is fun, it also makes working with the copywriter that much more pleasant. Customers enjoy talking to someone who can volley more than just questions at them, particularly when they’re nervous about speaking with a case study writer.