As a marketing manager or marketing director, you probably already know how hard it is to find a good freelance copywriter. But as budgets are cut or remain stagnant, you’re left with more work than you and your department can handle, so you try to find someone who can understand the uniqueness of your company and deliver copy that meets your standards.

The problem is, where do you look? Does the idea of finding a freelance copywriter leave you feeling like you’re standing at the edge of an abyss? If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve already found a great freelancer. But I’ll give my secrets away, gleaned from marketing managers and marketing directors just like you, in case you’ve found a reason not to work with me.

Shamelessly Poach a Freelance Copywriter.

In large companies, there will be a database of freelance copywriters. Your job is to find it. One of my clients went to his accounting department and asked casually, “So, who are the copywriters we have in the system already?” Boom, he got a list of people, including me, and the rest was a beautiful relationship.

Check Your Social Media Channels.

No, not Facebook or Snapchat. LinkedIn and Twitter are the only two you really need to check regularly, because that’s where a freelance copywriter will demonstrate her expertise. On LinkedIn, follow groups or topics – which does require a time commitment. Or search by keyword. The good freelancers will say, right off the bet, that they’re freelance white paper writers or case study writers. The ones you might want to avoid are the ones that call themselves “storytellers.” On Twitter, you can follow hashtags and, again, search for keywords.

Stalk the Press Room.

If you’re attending a trade show, grab a cup of coffee and see who goes in and out of the press room. In today’s media world, a lot of freelance copywriters will also freelance for publications and cover events. So if you’re at, say, SAPPHIRE NOW, you’re likely to find a freelance B2B technology journalist who also will write your white papers. As a colleague of mine has told me, look for the chatty people. They’re the freelancers; it’s a survival skill. As a bonus, these people are the ones that have taken the time to get to know the industry – and bothered to put on real pants and fly to an event.

Hit Up Trade Associations.

The American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) is a great place to start. The ASBPE Freelancer Directory, while small, lists freelance professionals who are committed enough to join an association and knowledgeable enough to use ASBPE.

Remember that today, with the gig economy in full swing, it’s not as hard to find a freelance copywriter as it used to be. We’re everywhere, and one of us will be a great fit for your next set of projects.