For web visibility and search engine optimization, you can’t beat content marketing, according to SEO experts at Mesasix. For years, link building and using keywords has been very beneficial for companies that want to get found, but because search algorithms are changing, that’s no longer the best method.
Instead, companies need to approach SEO as part of their content marketing strategy. Consumers are looking for quality information: white papers, case studies, and meaty pieces that will help them solve problems. A web page stuffed with keywords isn’t enough, and search engines – particularly Google – have wised up to this.
Businesses need to take action today. Instead of building links or keyword stuffing, consider commissioning a white paper (also known as a special report or ebook) to answer your customers’ biggest questions while subtly promoting your business. Publish case studies that show how customers are using your product or service to solve problems and achieve results. Become an educator, not a salesperson – and you’ll see your search engine traffic as well as sales increase.