The recently-released Content Preferences Survey found that 75 percent of the respondents – who were business executives across a variety of industries – want the sales messaging curbed. They want value from content, which is the first touchpoint for many B2B customers.

What kind of content are you offering your prospects? If it’s just brochures and sales materials, it’s probably not what the executives want. They want meaty pieces, like white papers and case studies, that explain the value of your product or service offering and apply it to their problems.

Some other takeaways from the survey:

  • 75% of respondents encourage solution providers creating content to “curb the sales messaging.”
  • 55% of respondents advise solution providers to “focus less on product specs and more on value.”
  • 88% of respondents cited white papers as the top choice of content type to research a business topic or solution.

If you don’t use white papers as a part of your marketing mix, or you’ve gotten behind on white paper writing, it’s time to step up your efforts. And if your team is too busy to write, consider contracting with a freelance white paper writer who can craft engaging pieces using the techniques of renowed white paper writer Mike Stelzner.