There are many reasons to send a press release to local, regional, and national media: your company has introduced a new product, relocated, signed a lucrative deal, or hired new staff.  But the biggest reason to send a press release is very simple: the media coverage.

Quite simply, consumers trust media coverage more than they trust the biggest, shiniest ads money can buy.  Consumers view that kind of third-party coverage differently than they view advertising, and often as an endorsement of your company’s product or service.

However, getting that kind of media coverage requires a newsworthy hook and a press release that feels more like a news story than an advertisement, as well as a properly formatted release.  Most people are too busy running their businesses to properly write and format a press release, resulting in missed opportunities for media coverage.

By hiring a former journalist, your company can send out professional, newsworthy press releases and get the kind of press coverage that it deserves.  If you’ve ever felt your company should be featured in trade, local, or national publications, it’s time to commission some press releases.  While you’re at it, review your promotional materials and your existing press kit, which should be up to date with your company’s latest accomplishments, benefits, and features, or consider an online press kit to make journalists’ lives easier.