Killing Marketing: How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Cost into Profit takes everything you know about content marketing and turns it upside down. This Killing Marketing review focuses on how it can transform the marketing department from an afterthought to a revenue-generating powerhouse.

Most companies see marketing as another thing that bleeds money, with little to no measurable return on investment. (They conveniently ignore the fact that, without collateral, sales has nothing to present customers and prospects.) Marketing ends up being a content-churning exercise: Here comes a new product, so let’s create a white paper, a series of blog posts, and some Tweets. Companies buy ads, send press releases, and forget that they have a very powerful tool for brand awareness: themselves.

In Killing Marketing, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose toss conventional marketing wisdom in the trash and advocate turning the marketing department into a profit center. This builds an experience for your customers, similar to what Red Bull has done with Red Bulletin.

Okay, yes, it sounds crazy. But B2B companies are already doing that: SAP, Adobe, Oracle. Traditional advertising isn’t enough. Anyone can copy your business model and lure away customers, and it will be content and the experience provided to customers that sets your organization apart from the competition. Killing Marketing takes real-world examples, like the case of Terminus in Atlanta, and illustrates how these companies built a community. Terminus, a small B2B software startup, built a community by publishing on LinkedIn. Eventually, the company created an event that generated one-third of its customer base. Killing Marketing also looks at how databases can help with targeting advertising. Some use email subscriber data to better target Google ads, for example.

The one thing that all businesses, regardless of size, need for success? Good content. Pulizzi and Rose stress this theme throughout the book. Content needs to be valuable if you’re going to “kill” your existing marketing strategy and give birth to a new one.

The Takeaway

As usual, Pulizzi and Rose have written a practical book chock-full of great advice. They even admit that they might be wrong and offer scenarios for that. The chapters written by Rose tend to be a little heavy-handed. However, if you’re looking for a marketing book that is different from everything else on your shelf, you need to buy this one.

To buy Killing Marketing:

Killing Marketing: How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Cost into Profit by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. Available September 18, 2017 on; $12.99 (Kindle Edition), $23.70 (Hardcover)