A case study doesn’t just sit on your website. It’s a powerful tool for gathering leads, nurturing prospects, and garnering publicity. That initial investment can pay off immensely if you leverage your case studies as the robust marketing tools they are. Increase your case study ROI by doing a few simple things beyond posting them to your website.

Hand out case studies at trade shows.

How often does your company set up a booth at a trade show? If the answer is at least once a year, printing copies of your case studies as a handout for attendees allows them to see how you’ve solved another company’s sticking problem. The perfect use case for your commissioned case studies is having several prepared, targeting different industries. That way, if a customer from the financial sector is asking for more information, you can hand over the case study you commissioned on your secure cloud-based offerings for financial institutions.

Publish case studies as contributed articles.

A well-written case study, written by a professional case study writer, reads more like a feature article than a piece of marketing collateral. Hire a former journalist to write your case studies, and you can contribute them to industry publications as contributed articles to be published. This increases the visibility of your company in the industries you’re targeting.

Write press releases based on the case studies.

If you’re targeting tech publications, they often want to have a journalist of their own choosing write about your company. Have your case study writer prepare a press release to send out to tech publications, highlighting the unique angle of the story itself. For example, did a prominent logistics company purchase your software to speed their workflows? Was your solution responsible for multi-million dollar savings? Journalists appreciate an interesting angle that they can use to write a trends piece.
Above all, don’t let the case study languish on your website. At the bare minimum, send it to newsletter subscribers and post links on social media channels. Print it out and let your sales force use it to sway prospects. (“Jeff, I know you’ve been having problems with materials management in your chair factory. Here’s how Acme Solutions streamlined the ordering process for Doe Furniture Factory.”) If it’s a well-written piece, it will be invaluable for lead generation and nurturing purposes.