I have a diverse bunch of clients, primarily B2B technology clients, but I do get the occasional manufacturing client (or fitness client, or [insert industry here] client). I love variety. Recently, my manufacturing client sent me an email with this clipping attached, and quite simply, “Look what you have done this year :)” in the body.

B2B Blog Post Improvements

What have I done? I wrote blog posts for the client, based on SEO-friendly practices (e.g., no keyword stuffing, useful content). We posted fairly regularly – about once a month – focusing on the company’s milestones, upcoming events, and product releases. Posts were around 300 words, enough to be meaty but not enough to be boring. I started writing for this client in early 2015.

Within just one year, the manufacturing client’s page views were up 91.57 percent over 2014. Unique page views had jumped by nearly 67 percent. Users were spending more time on the page, and the bounce rate had improved.

For this client, which doesn’t deal in flashy widgets or WidgetWare, getting people to find them – and read more about them – is a challenge. It’s not every day that someone searches for these particular types of machines, so the content needed to be very specific to the industry and speak in industry terms – but also be light enough so that it wasn’t considered boring.

I wrote the posts under the marketing manager’s name; we collaborated closely. She would provide me a brief outline and some links or files; I would craft the post for her approval. She was pleased with the results, including a more relaxed writing style that flowed well, even with the technical terms.

It goes to show you that, even in an industry that isn’t considered exciting, there is still a lot of fun that can be had with content. As a copywriter, I never go into a project thinking it will be boring. I’ve made a manufacturing client’s web traffic increase and stick. That in itself is exciting, but when I delved into the company’s machines, I found them fascinating, particularly with the way they ensure our safety as consumers. Nothing is ever boring, and I’m guessing with the improved bounce rate, visitors to the manufacturing client’s blog thought the same thing.