Public relations is the cornerstone of any business marketing plan.  You can spend millions on advertising, but without the credibility that comes from media mentions (and social media influencer mentions, which I’ll discuss in another post), your product or service isn’t going to succeed.

Getting that media coverage can be tricky, but if you know how to make a press release newsworthy, your job is halfway done.  (You’ll need to distribute the release and pitch stories, but that’s another ballgame altogether.)  Here are the top four ways to write a newsworthy press release:

  1. Pay attention to timing. Is this something that’s happened today? This week? Something in the future, such as an event? Then you’re more likely to get press coverage.
  2. Determine the relevance. Is this something relevant to the publications you’re pitching? To your community? Think about what your ideal audience for the eventual press coverage is, and then target your release toward that audience.
  3. Check the prominence of the people mentioned. It’s a simple fact: famous people are more likely to get a mention in the news.  If you’re putting on an event with a prominent industry speaker, mention that! If your company just hired a well-known executive, that will get coverage, too.
  4. Look for the human interest angle. Does your announcement tug at the heartstrings? Maybe it’s a cute baby animal or a stunning transformation. Play up that angle.

Remember, it’s all about the angle.  If your press release doesn’t have one, it won’t be considered newsworthy, and you won’t get the media coverage you need.