Disclaimer: I love cats. I think they are adorable, funny, and sweet. Their purrs soothe the worst stress away.

But that said, cats are a lot like B2B buyers. When you’re creating B2B buyer personas, you don’t have to look much further than the feline napping in a patch of sunlight. At their core, buyers are cats.

It Takes Work to Get Their Attention.

Cats and B2B buyers do their own things. To get their attention, you need something special. For cats, it can be the sound of a can opening or a rattly mouse. For B2B buyers, it’s content that registers through the clutter and gets them excited about your product.

They’re Skeptical.

Even after you get their attention, B2B buyers and cats are skeptical. They’re not sure they want what you’re selling. They’re not even sure if you’re selling something they can use. Fortunately, B2B buyers listen to reason, and if you can lay out a case for why your product will make their lives easier, you can get them to come closer to you.

They’re Independent.

When you’re creating B2B buyer personas, remember that, like cats, they’re independent. That doesn’t mean they make decisions in a vacuum. But they don’t necessarily need their hands held, either. Any copy you write or content you create needs to speak to them, not at them.

They’re Cautious.

Have you ever watched a cat stalk its prey? It sits there, watches the lizard or mouse, and then attacks. B2B buyers are very similar. They’re making decisions that could tank their careers. If they buy your product and it’s a dud, they’re not going to be able to show their faces around the office. They want to wait and watch to make sure they’re getting what the company actually needs. While you can’t make a cat pounce, you can offer compelling reasons for them to act.

They Just Want to Be Appreciated.

At the end of the day, when your cat crawls into your lap, she just wants you to pet her. She wants to know she’s appreciated. It’s the same with B2B buyers – when someone drops thousands of dollars of their IT budget on your product, let them know they’re appreciated! See if they’ll participate in your case study program, speak at your user conference, or serve as a reference. Thank them profusely, and make sure they’re getting top-notch support.