My blog is like the cobbler’s children; all my clients have their white papers, case studies, and blog posts ready to go. Meanwhile, my own blog is waiting for input. Fortunately, I have a bunch of Content Marketing World takeaways to share – and a ton of ideas I brought back to Houston. Here are a few of the best quotes from just a few of the sessions. Would I go back next year? Let’s just say it’s blocked off on my calendar.

The geeks are your friends; tap them.

Linda Boff, CMO at GE

I tell my clients this all the time: I want to talk to their engineers. The engineers are the ones that know the product like nobody else. Once I get to pick their brains, I can create great content that speaks for itself. I’m even more enthusiastic about talking to the people who create products; this is where the content lives.

It’s never been easier to be average. We can find and follow everyone else’s ideas. …If we don’t aspire to be average, we have to stop doing average work.

Jay Acunzo, Host and Creator, “Unthinkable.” Read more on his keynote: Be the Exception

Talk to your customer directly. ..Talk to sales managers. I have never met a sales manager who doesn’t like to talk.

Sonya Bradley, Visit Sacramento

Incidentally, Sonya’s session was geared toward SMBs. But this advice applies to every single marketer: talk to the customer and find out what the customer needs, and talk to the sales managers who hear the customers’ complaints and desires every day.

[Brand journalism] teaches you to be newsworthy. Journalism school doesn’t teach narcissism; it teaches cultural conversations.

Dan Curran, CEO, PowerPost

Figure out your brand’s purpose beyond making money. …Align brand storytelling with the core values of customers to build a genuine connection.

Tom Gerace, CEO, Skyword

Turn your email “sent” folder into marketing content.

Ann Handley, MarketingProfs, author of “Everybody Writes”

Avoid content by committee.

Ahava Leibtag, AHA Media Group

Did you go to Content Marketing World? What were your favorite sessions?