Last week, Pamela Wilson of BIG Brand System released Master Content Strategy: How to Maximize Your Reach and Boost Your Bottom Line Every Time You Hit Publish. Ms. Wilson got her start as a graphic designer, then went on to create BIG Brand System to educate online business owners on marketing tips and tactics. She’s also been the Executive Vice President of Rainmaker Digital, managing the Copyblogger blog. So Ms. Wilson knows content marketing intimately.

Master Content Strategy

Master Content Strategy is billed as “a master class in content marketing strategy for content creators at every stage of the journey.” Being a content marketing nerd, and already owning Ms. Wilson’s Master Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy to Cure the Blank Page Blues and Attract a Profitable Audience, I knew I needed to add this to my library. I was not disappointed.

One of the biggest problems content marketers face is creating a strategy. If you’re a small business or solopreneur, it gets even more difficult. Strategy goes out the window, and you end up with a haphazard mishmash of content on your website that does you no favors at all. Your time would be better spent teaching your cat to walk on a leash or watching water boil.

Even more difficult is knowing what strategy to use at what time. A new business will use different methods than one that is well-established.

In Master Content Strategy, Ms. Wilson addresses these problems and offers practical ways to create strategy for different phases of growth. The tips apply to both B2B and B2C content creators, for blogs, podcasts, and vlogs.

Ms. Wilson offers advice on:

  • Leveraging the “Lifecycle Approach” to content creation, which helps you create the right content at the right time. For example, the content you create when you first start your website will differ from the more in-depth pieces you’ll produce as your audience grows.
  • Creating “Very Important Content.”
  • Mapping out yearly, quarterly, and monthly content plans.
  • Repurposing content to expand your reach.

What makes Master Content Strategy great is that it’s easy to digest. Ms. Wilson doesn’t dive off into purple prose. She’s straightforward and provides actionable advice that applies to both new and veteran content creators. She’s divided the book into logical chapters and provides advice for creating content for different audiences, as well as promoting your content. I really like the method she’s laid out for content creation because it takes so much pressure off to produce a lot quickly.

I’d recommend Master Content Strategy to both new and veteran content marketers, especially those wondering what to do with a web property, podcast, or vlog that they want to use to generate leads or establish themselves as thought leaders. Grab a copy for your bookshelf – I don’t regret the time I spent combing through Ms. Wilson’s latest at all.