We all know to buy local produce to support family-owned farms and get the freshest tomatoes, but do you know that by hiring local talent, you can get the best services? Whether it’s a copywriter or graphic designer, local talent is always the best choice.

  • You can meet in person. It’s tempting to hire someone inexpensively located halfway across the world, but you can’t meet over coffee or in your office to discuss the direction of your marketing materials.

  • You share a language and culture. Going back to hiring someone halfway across the world, there are language barriers to overcome, as well as cultural barriers. Not only does someone local speak your language and understand your culture, she also understands what you’re trying to say if you’re targeting people in your local market and what drives your local customers.
  • Local talent often partners with other local talent. So you’ve decided on a copywriter or a graphic designer for your materials, but you’re not sure how to find someone who will complement that work. Local talent often finds other, complementary local talent to create complementary services packages. For example, I’ve partnered with Allison Biggs | Graphic Designer (one of BusinessWest’s 40 Under 40 and a fantastic designer) to offer graphic design and copywriting packages specifically for local entrepreneurs.  Suzanne Larocque of Sleaque Images Photography is our recommended professional headshot photographer (she did my professional headshot, and I’m beyond thrilled) and puts her subjects at ease.   

Allison and I also offer a white paper and special report service that means a professional-looking ebook, white paper, or special report to distribute to clients. Contact me for more details.

There are plenty of reasons to hire local, and the quality work, communication, and expertise of someone in your backyard makes for stunning, appealing marketing materials that speak directly to your target market.