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Case studies and white papers are the flour and eggs of a well-planned content marketing strategy. They can be used as the base for other content like press releases, blog posts, and videos: the walnuts, bananas, or chocolate chips in perfectly baked muffins. Learn more about my secret sauce when you contact me for a quote.

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The B2B technology market is not lonely. The cloud has encouraged a host of new entrants, and they’re making up their own rules. Strong, clear case studies, white papers, contributed articles, and other content build an unshakable content marketing foundation that won’t be toppled by the competition. I’m a former technology journalist turned B2B copywriter who breaks down complex technology and focuses on what matters to the customer. I write for your customers. That means engaged technology buyers and a shorter sales cycle.

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I’m a copywriter who specializes as a case study writer and white paper writer for B2B technology companies.

I’m also available to work on special projects for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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